Media photo of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes provided by the BBC for editorial use only.

Learn About Our PI Education Offerings

Are you envisioning yourself as the next Sherlock Holmes?

Yes, actor Benedict Cumberbatch certainly looks the part, however the life of a real licensed private detective... no so much!

The Fact Firm's Jessica Roe is licensed private investigator in multiple states. She has gone from the idea of, "I wonder what it takes to become a PI?" to growing an all-female owned successful detective agency.

The work of a PI is indeed fascinating, but not at all glamourous. 

Just to become a PI you, you have to to learn how to:

  • Learn to ropes to get started as an apprentice, and/or learn as a student
  • Learn what equipment, memberships and associations you need to invest in (and what you DO NOT need, too!)
  • Get in communication with your state's PI regulatory board
  • Be willing and ready to have your fingerprints taken and your background researched by your state's Bureau of Investigations
  • Get knowledgeable about how to start a business and meet all compliances with your state's Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service
  • Plan out a general investigation from start to finish
  • Decide what to charge per hour, per case, or however you choose to bill
  • Work in the cloud to access your investigative paper trail from anywhere, anytime
  • Conduct a background check for a client or an employer
  • Set up your vehicle and your tools for surveillance investigations
  • Deal with police officers and sheriff's deputies if you are stopped or pulled over
  • Testify in court when a case results in legal action
  • Know how to be a resourceful data miner
  • Write and deliver professional reports to your clients
  • Grow your billable offerings from what you need to simply "open for business" to offering multiple part investigations

We are your best resource if you want to take the next step and pursue a career as a licensed private investigator.

Learn More

If your determination to start your journey into an exciting and potentially profitable career, then you are at the right place. 

We have built an online Facebook Forum learning community where experienced PIs from around the country converse with  aspiring PIs.

Also, we are soon set to publish our first tutorial to provide prospective future detectives a literal "How To Become a Licensed Private Investigator" learning opportunity. 

  • Membership Application Fee: $50
  • Monthly Access Dues: $15 

         (Per acceptance, dues only kick in on 

         second month, first month is included in 

         application fee.)

Stay tuned! Membership/Education Forum launches in January, 2019!