Detective Duo Investigators Teach How to Become a Private Investigator

Meet the Investigators

Well experienced team

Jessica Roe and Erin Zahradka are sisters who both hold their private investigator licenses. They are based in Colorado. They each bring a unique perspective to the craft, as Jessica has spent more than two decades as an award winning journalist and as well has worked in the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, the Governor's Office of Information Technology, at a law firm and as the head of a non-profit. Erin is an accomplished professional photographer, the founder of global photography education association with members on six continents, a specialist in "2E Students "(Twice Exceptional Children/Gifted with Special Needs) and a regular Huffington Post contributing writer.

About Us

Female Owned Business

Our licensed private investigators are women with a unique perspective to listen to your concerns and goals and put an action plan in place.

To learn about THE FACT FIRM's online education community where we teach "How to Become a Private Investigator", click here or on the PI EDUCATION in the tab up top.

Modern Focus

We use tomorrow's tools to conduct our investigations online and in-person, as well as in our mobile surveillance unit.

We Dig Up the Facts

With each of our investigators possessing more than 20+ years professional experience in investigations, videography and photography, you can rest assure we will exhaust all means possible to find the facts you hired us to deliver.


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Sample Types of Case Approaches and Costs

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